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What Consumers Value in Health and Beauty Packaging

One of the biggest deciding factors for whether consumers buy heath and beauty products is packaging. Its persuasive appeal has to support that the products will improve appearance, cleanliness, confidence, and/or health in the buyer.

These products are of particular importance to consumers because of the way they are used. People incorporate them into their daily lives. Furthermore, they use them directly in or on their bodies, so people are much more careful about their choices.

According to the Packaging Matters study conducted by MeadWestvaco Corporation, there are two specific areas in which packaging influences consumers. When one of these is not met, consumers express greater dissatisfaction with the product, even when it works. These two aspects of packaging are value and mobility.


One of the biggest concerns in regard to value is whether the product can be used to the last drop. This is especially true with high-priced items. When consumers are willing to pay more for something, they don’t want to waste any of it. A lot of packaging isn’t designed to dispense the last bit of its contents. If a consumer loses 2 or more applications to the package design, he or she will be more likely to buy a different product with packaging that corrects the problem. Leftover product adds up. People calculate how many near-empty containers would save them the cost of a month’s supply.


Again, these products are used every day, so people want packages that make it easy to carry on the go. If products can fit into purses or bags, they are much easier to travel with. We are a society that prioritizes convenience.

Furthermore, air travel presents unique problems that cannot be ignored. Many people want to avoid checking bags, so the easier it is to fit everything in a carry-on, the better. Of course, people also need to follow strict guidelines on liquids and containers when flying. Packaging that meets these needs are also preferred. 

If you need to test out various packages, one way to save money on printing is buying blank or partially blank packages. Print identifying information on labels that will fit several prototypes. That way, you spend less on packaging you won’t end up using. Make sure that you use the right printing company for your labels. You want to ensure the labels are right for the kind of package, element/environment exposure, and color scheme of your product and brand.

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