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Pouches and other Flexible Packaging – Keeping Costs Low with Labeling

The 2014 annual Pack Expo was host to a record-breaking 50,000 attendees last November. The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies compiled a report recognizing 8 trending market drivers from the event. These eight distinct trends are a testament to the innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking present in the packaging and labeling industry. Among these innovative trends was flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging is growing both in popularity and sophistication. It’s a $28 billion dollar industry that continues to expand. The above mentioned report notes, “…according to the Flexible Packaging Association, films are gaining attributes, becoming more functional, economical, ecological, and in some cases, antibacterial.”

Some flexible packaging that consumers are familiar with includes pouches, like those used for coffee, nuts, and granola. Among the most popular flexible packages are stand-up pouches (SUPs).  These are also quite common in frozen food and pet food.

One of the newest flexible designs is the square bag (from Mondi Americas). It’s an alternative to cartons boxes and bottles for everything from food and wine as well as laundry detergent and motor oils. It offers a variety of spouts, closures, and handles on what looks like a paperboard tuck carton with a fifth panel header. This packaging is designed to hold powders and granular products that weigh up to 10 pounds, or liquid products up to 15 gallons.

One of the concerns expressed at the expo regarding this flexible packaging was cost. Between the trial-period status of flexible packaging for some, and the frequency in which package information is changed for others, minimums run high for pre-printed flexible packaging.

A simple and convenient solution to this is to use labels for changing information. You can:

  •  Buy clear or blank flexible packages and affix labels. This is most appropriate for pouches where labels can attractively cover all visible sides of the package.
  • Pre-print packages with static information and images as a base. Leave space blank where variable information is visible, and use labels to cover it.


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