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Packaging Trends that Consumers Care About

Packaging hasn’t always been something that consumers pay a lot of attention to. Innovations in materials and design have created a lot of interest in packaging, and it has completely transformed the industry. What was once merely functional is now an art form. Being eye-catching, however, is not the only thing that consumers care about. Here are 4 things your market wants from your packaging.
1.      Sustainability. Not only do consumers value sustainable packaging, they will pay more for it. Buying products in these packages allows people to make a choice that is environmentally responsible. Additionally, the explosion of Pinterest has made packaging not just functionally repurposeful, but inspirational for projects and décor.  
2.      Supply Chain Transparency. If you want to associate your brand with environmental responsibility, this is another way to go about it. Communicate on the package responsible ways that you are sourcing, transporting, and disposing of materials. You can also indicate on our package or label how to best recycle the packaging – be it a secondary use or a recycling bin.
3.      Lightweight Packaging. This requires a balance between a “lean” approach to packaging and a functional one. You don’t want the package to fall apart or appear to be cheap. However, lightweight options cost you less and promote environmental sustainability. When choosing lightweight packaging, consider the entirety of the consumer’s experience. They want something durable but eco-friendly.
4.      Convenient Packaging. When a package is difficult to open, it can create a lot of frustration and even hostility towards a product or brand. Difficult-to-open packaging can literally rob a person of his or her excitement in using the product. Any package that is easily opened without tools will be well-received. Only use difficult packaging when necessary for safety reasons.
Changes in packaging will demand changes in labels. Make sure you use a label manufacturer who understands how to match not just your brand’s image, but also your package material with the best label and adhesive. Ace-Adhesive Label has the expertise and capabilities to give your product a perfect presentation. Contact us at 800-383-8631 or