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The Influence of Logo and Label Shapes on the Consumer

The shapes of the best-designed logos are no accident. Like color and other visuals, shapes convey certain qualities to consumers. The subconscious mind responds differently to straight lines, circles, and jagged edges. When creating a logo, a designer will need to know what values and attributes the logo should convey. Here are the messages that different shapes relay:


  • Ovals, circles, and ellipses – These round forms project positive emotional images. They are often used to imply community, love, unity, friendship, or relationships. Rings suggest stability and endurance, like the partnership of marriage. Overall, curves are seen as more feminine.
  • Triangles – These are more masculine structures. Triangles are associated with law, power, religion, and science.
  • Vertical lines – Also associated with masculinity, vertical lines portray strength and aggression.
  •  Horizontal lines – On the contrary, horizontal lines suggest more feminine qualities, like tranquility, community, and calmness.
  • Squares – Along with other straight-edged shapes, like triangles, squares convey stability, balance, and practicality. In logos, straight edges are often used to suggest strength, efficiency, and professionalism. If combined with certain colors, like blue or grey, these lines will appear cold and uninviting. To avoid this, use dynamic colors or off-kilter positioning.


Shapes are also relevant in typefaces. Angular, jagged typefaces appear aggressive or dynamic while softer, rounded edges appear youthful. The former is also more masculine while the latter appeals more to women.

The psychology of shapes extends beyond logos. Companies can utilize this same information to express messages through label shapes. In fact, by coupling differing shapes via logo and label, a brand can enrich its message to the public. Using consistent shapes will reinforce the message.

For example, imagine that your logo is triangular to convey a message of power. If you have a product that you want people to associate with community, you would be wise to choose a round shape for your label.

Conversely, if your square logo suggests strength and stability, you will drive that message home with a square label.

 When it comes to labels, the type of paper you choose will ultimately convey a certain kind of quality, too. Be sure to communicate with your label printer what kinds of conditions your product will be exposed to, including temperature, storage, and product expiration.

An expert label vendor like Ace-Adhesive Label will understand other elements of branding as they are portrayed through your label. When you’re ready for label printing or if you have questions about the labeling process, contact us. Our experts will make sure you get the right label for your brand and product. Call us at 763-277-7700, 800-383-8631 or email