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3 Aspects of Product Label Colors that Influence Sales

Color has a powerful influence on human emotions. It is one of the most significant factors people consider when designing everything from the inside of a store to the company logo. It is also something you should be carefully considering when creating your product label.


There is more to color psychology than equating the color green with money or blue with happiness. Here are 3 aspects of your label’s colors you need to nail down.


1.      The basic psychology. Let’s start with the example mentioned above, where each color is associated with emotional attributes. Think about both the product itself and your brand when choosing some basic colors. You can find colors and their meanings here.


2.      The color scheme. The overall color scheme covers how well the colors you choose work together. It also includes the different hues of colors, and how to properly match them. Choosing yellow for its emotional appeal is only half the battle. You want the right yellow – one that works emotionally and in harmony with your logo and other colors.


There are plenty of free online resources that can help you with this. A quick Google search immediately brings you to this fun one. Here are a few online tools recommended by the experts:
Kuler – developed by Adobe.
COLOURlovers – offers color palates based on keywords
ColorBlender – probably the easiest to master


3.      Legible combinations of text and background. There’s no greater product turn-off than text that is hard to read. For example, white text on a red background make your eyes go bonkers. The combinations in order of most to least legible are:

Black text on yellow background
Black text on white background
Yellow text on black background
White text on black background
Blue text on white background
White text on blue background
Green text on white background
White text on green background
Red text on white background
White text on red background


Once you’re satisfied that the colors in your design are right for you, always submit the proof to your label printer for a sample to ensure everything looks right. The label company can also advise you on the best material for the color and look you want. For this reason (and others), it is wise to include them early in your design process.


Ace Adhesive Label is in tune with how your label is integrated with your marketing strategy. We know that the perfect label will help your sales, so we offer custom and blank labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, ink colors, materials and adhesives. Find out how we can help you market your product with the perfect label. Call 800-383-8631 or email